What Makes a Website Better for Business?


Does your website work for you, or does it just exist in the digital realm? If it just sits there, it’s not ready to help you grow or handle the extra responsibilities that go along with forward movement.

Today’s blog post shares (in no certain order) a few of the top aspects of your website you can’t leave to chance.


Having an e-commerce platform for which your customers can shop takes a lot of pressure off of you. Further, your website can give you valuable analytics on products that are selling, sitting in carts, and collecting digital dust. Moon Designs offers professional websites and can help you launch your online store.


An efficient business is a profitable business. If you have yet to hop on board the business process management train, now’s the time. Business process management strategies include software, services, process mapping, and protocols that streamline your operations. It will also help you improve your workflow by utilizing data to see how your people and systems interact. A few things you might consider here are using your BPM to update your website or improve your customers’ experiences with your business. No matter what you choose to implement, make sure to keep it monitored so that you can react to market changes.

Another important point to touch on here is that your website should also communicate with your existing programs, such as your ERP or CRM. According to Forbes, if you are not already using one or both of these types of software, spend some time looking into their benefits, which include lead generation and customer retention.

Search Traffic

Optimizing your website for search engines is a way to bring visitors to your site. To improve your search rankings, start by including location information in your website’s backend data – location is important as most people search on their mobile devices and want nearby products and services. You also want to make sure that you claim all of your online listings, use social media to direct people to your website and provide valuable content that people want to read, watch, or interact with.


In addition to being efficient and easy to find, your website should also be visually pleasing. Instead of hiring an expensive graphic designer, you can create custom graphics that include colors, images, videos, and animations for social media. To design banners online, look for a program that lets you save your work and tailor it to your social media of choice, whether this is a YouTube channel or Facebook feed. Even if you don’t have graphic design experience, many websites can walk you through the fundamentals.


To remain competitive, your website must also be quick. This means that it loads almost instantly. If you have ever clicked off a website while you were waiting for a video, article, or infographic to load, you’ll understand why your website must be fast. SEMRush also explains that load time matters in regards to your online ranking.

Your website is every bit as important to your business as your products, services, and people. If it is not positioned for strategic growth, then you will miss out on opportunities to expand your business. From technical details, such as utilizing business process management flows, to design elements, every aspect of your site deserves attention; otherwise, your customers’ attention will divert elsewhere.

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