Our Philosophy

We believe our clients deserve more than periodic financial advice.  A successful wealth management strategy starts with a complete understanding of your goals, objectives, personal situation, and risk profile.  We develop these strategies through a series of in-person meetings.


Getting to Know You

The investment process begins with your initial meeting, during which we will develop an in-depth understanding of you and your family, or your organization. We will discuss your current and future goals and objectives, your present and anticipated financial resources and liabilities, your expected time horizon, your past experiences, as well as your preference for risk. You, in turn, will gain a thorough understanding of who we are, what we do, why we do it, and how we may be of service to you.

Where you are and where you're going.
We will conduct a complete analysis of your current financial position, investment portfolio structure, and risk tolerance to develop a thorough understanding of where you are today. Based on the information discussed in our initial meetings, we will then compare this data to your future goals and objectives, allowing us to discuss strengths and weaknesses in your current financial profile relative to your long-term objectives.


Developing Financial and Investment Strategies
Depending on your needs, our comprehensive wealth management strategies typically incorporate an investment plan, an asset allocation and investment portfolio structure, a risk management strategy, a retirement plan, and any estate planning issues. When necessary, and with your approval, we will work with your tax and legal advisors.


Implementation of your plan
Investments are matched to your financial strategy. These investments are actively monitored to help ensure that they are adhering to their stated purpose and are maintaining the quality standard for which they were originally selected.


Ongoing Monitoring and Plan Review
As you and your family move through the various phases of your life,  monitoring your goals and objectives, financial position, investment strategy, and portfolio performance is an ongoing process. We believe in the importance of communication and will discuss pertinent issues with you when they develop. When appropriate, we will suggest adjustments be made to reflect current or anticipated economic or market events, as well as any changes in your personal circumstances. Depending on your needs and the complexity of your investment plan, we will conduct quarterly, semi-annual, or annual review meetings with you.


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Investing involves risks, including the possible loss of principal invested.